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Act Now to Save AmeriCorps in Massachusetts

June 1, 2009
Massachusetts is in grave danger of losing AmeriCorps grants and stimulus funds ($10 million dollars worth) for this upcoming year! We need YOU to take ACTION to save Massachusetts AmeriCorps programs!

Just last month, the country witnessed the power of the service movement through the passage of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act… the single biggest expansion of service since FDR. Phone calls, letters, and emails to our elected officials made that happen!  Essentially, each and every person can make a difference.
Here’s what you can do:

1) Spread the Word

Tell anyone and everyone about this. And tell them to do the following actions with you (click here for pointers).

2) Make a Phone Call:

Call your state representative ask to speak to the Chief-of-Staff, if you can’t get the chief of staff, ask for a staffer and explain the importance of this funding and request that the legislator make this funding a top priority in their conference committee requests. (See phone script here for guidance)
Your state legislator can be found here:

3) Email your legislator:

Click here to send direct email to your elected official

4) Sign letter: Click here for the community support letter discussing the impact of AmeriCorps and making the case for funding the Mass Service Alliance.

Please sign the letter by sending your name, title and organization to

Also included below is an email you can send other alums, champions, etc, to sign onto the letter. Deadline is COB Tuesday, June 2nd.  If you have questions, please contact Emily Cherniack at or 617-233-4942.

Please copy and paste the email text below and pass it on!


In the wake of budget cuts, we are in danger of losing AmeriCorps programs in the state of Massachusetts. We are expecting the conference committee to move rapidly over the course of the next FEW WEEKS to decide the budget and need to be ready to show that service has strong support from across the public and private sectors.

It is our goal to send letters to leaders in the Statehouse on Thursday urging them to invest in the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

The letter of support from the community leaders is attached and pasted below. We would love for you to sign onto this letter in support of expansion of service opportunities in this country. You can sign on by sending your name, title and organization to

Our deadline is Tuesday, COB at which point the letter will be sent along to Massachusetts Congressional Leaders.

Thank you for your leadership. You are key to helping restore this funding and continuing a tradition of service in the state of Massachusetts.


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