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Sharing is caring… and AmeriCorps Alums wants to share our tools and resources with y’all! Visit the links below to find sample documents, multi-media and presentations you can use and download for reference.

And if there’s a training you’d like to see that is not on here just leave a comment. Enjoy!

Coming Soon!

Using Your Eli Segal Education Award

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  1. January 23, 2011 10:27 pm

    “I Wanted Sunshine But Ran . . . Sideways” is about a recent college grad who can’t find a job after college so she ventures to California to volunteer for AmeriCorps.

    She meets greedy bosses, rude coworkers and gets tangled up in awkward situations, from getting food stamps to saving money on bills, she realizes everyone is taking advantage of her, including her very annoying roommate! And that’s not all – her parents think she’s out in California with a real job! provides the first few pages for free.

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