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Top 5 Skills AmeriCorps Alums Developed in 2015

January 22, 2016

What are the top five skills AmeriCorps alums developed in 2015? Catch up on our most popular webinars (one-hour online trainings) from last year and master the five skills alums were most eager to learn.

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Build a Successful Nonprofit Career (click here to watch now)

updated collage for top 5 webinar blog of 2015Want an insider’s perspective on how to accelerate your nonprofit career? Hear from three AmeriCorps alumni who have successfully made the transition from AmeriCorps to the nonprofit sector and continue to advance in their career after more than five years in the field. Panelists include Dhriti Stocks and Stephanie Fenniri who co-lead our North Texas alumni chapter and Janeen Ettienne who served with Public Allies. By the end of the webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of how to start your career and how to move up after you get your foot in the door. Learn more …

Master 5 Spreadsheet Skills (click here to watch now)

Gordon Liu

 AmeriCorps alum and tech wiz, Gordon Liu, who helped create a tracking system for AmeriCorps Alums chapters and leads our Midcoast Maine chapter, shares his top spreadsheet tips with alums. Gordon walks you through deciding if a spreadsheet is the right format for your project, formatting data, inputting and analyzing data, and creating macros and add-ons. If you’re handling large amounts of data and organizational records at your job, check out Gordon’s workshop

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile (click here to watch now)

Denise RiebmanAre your LinkedIn requests getting ignored? It might be time to rethink your profile. Hear tips from AmeriCorps Alums’ Career Coach Denise Riebman who served in the first class of AmeriCorps. Denise is the Director of Career Development and Alumni Services for the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at George Washington University and hosts a website: Hear how to get recruiters to spend more time looking at your profile, use LinkedIn to explore career pathways, and so much more!

Get Smarter about Money (click here to watch now)

financial opp corps webinar presenters 2015Points of Light’s Financial Opportunity Corps (funded by Bank of America) helped AmeriCorps Alums reach a new milestone by connecting us with two of their strongest AmeriCorps members, Andrea Kerwin and Alana Hoyman-Browe, for our first Corps-member led webinar! Learn about financial coaching, the COACH model Financial Opportunity Corps uses to help their clients, and listen to a few mock coaching sessions. Scenarios in the coaching examples range from guiding a new AmeriCorps graduate on how to set up a student loan repayment plan to helping a client who wants to buy a home but has a low credit score and other outstanding bills. Check out these scenarios and a DIY coaching kit for everyday life in the webinar.

Use Your AmeriCorps Segal Award Most Effectively (click here to watch now)

ameri grad silhouetteOne of the most common questions we get from alumni is “How do I use my education award?” If you want to not only use your ed award, but make the most of it, check out the tips from officers of the National Service Trust. The webinar touches on  how to access your ed award records and make payments online, student loan forbearance, eligible schools and programs where you can use your award, what counts as a “qualified student loan,” and a general overview of the tax implications of the award. There’s lots of great tips, and you can watch the full webinar here. You can also visit this page on our website for more information and links to a list of matching schools maintained by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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