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4 Ways a Graduate Degree in Business Can Help You Make a Difference

September 24, 2015

Today’s sponsored article comes from 2U Inc.’s online business programs. AmeriCorps alumni are eligible to receive a $5,000 tuition benefit upon acceptance and enrollment into any 2U-powered program. For more information on 2U’s business programs outlined below, click here

AmeriCorps alums share a passion for serving communities, improving the lives of people in need, and leading new initiatives. Most of all though, alums have a commitment to getting things done. Of course, that dedication to driving positive change does not end when your service is over — so how do you take the next step toward becoming a lifelong community leader? For many alums, the answer is education.

While there are a variety of higher education options for AmeriCorps Alums, one especially valuable degree path that is often overlooked is a degree in business. Here are four reasons why you should consider earning a graduate business degree post-AmeriCorps:

  1. You’ll Build on the Leadership Skills You’ve Developed

Much like AmeriCorps, leadership is a key focus of any great MBA program. Being able to strategize, organize, and communicate effectively are essential to achieving goals, whether those goals be corporate-focused or service-driven. Programs like MBA@UNC, UNC’s online MBA, pride themselves on producing leaders in all fields and industries.

  1. You’ll Learn to See Business through a Global Lens

In such a highly connected, fast-changing global business ecosystem, MBA programs have begun to emphasize an international mindset. For example, the online MBA program from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University offers courses like Global Entrepreneurial Management, which helps students formulate, negotiate, and coordinate large-scale and culturally-aware business endeavors.

  1. You’ll See that Business Skills aren’t just for Corporate Executives Anymore

When many people think about a business school student, they picture someone driven to work on Wall Street. More and more however, MBA programs are diversifying, with many students pursuing socially focused goals. American University for example, is ranked among the top schools in the nation for politically active students and its online MBA program follows suit.

  1. You can Learn Highly Specialized Skills

For some, a more specialized degree path such as a Master of Science in Professional Accounting or a Master of Science in Business Analytics have positioned them to make an impact on their organizations and communities. Be it learning to craft and manage innovative ideas, becoming an expert at strategic budgeting, or discovering how to use data to make better business decisions, a graduate business education can empower you to become a socially responsible leader.

To help you leverage the power of an exceptional education, 2U Inc., a leading educational technology provider, has partnered with AmeriCorps Alums to offer a $5,000 tuition benefit to all AmeriCorps alumni who are accepted and enroll in one of 2U’s online business programs. You can learn more about the partnership and educational opportunities here.

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