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The Power of People

December 10, 2013

Being an AmeriCorps Alum is a thing.  A real thing that you carry with you for the rest of your life. Something that has value, that means something, that gives your life story context and precedes you in a conversation or an interview. Being an Alum is something that immediately connects you to other people who are Alums, and gives you membership in a pretty remarkable 820,000 person club.

This is what we believe at AmeriCorps Alums – and drives us daily to build an organization of social impact leaders by connecting, supporting, and engaging alumni across all AmeriCorps programs in a national network.

It’s also something that our partners see – and are recognizing more and more.  When two graduate schools – named after Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton – decide they want to meet with our chapters in Dallas, Des Moines, and New Orleans to specifically recruit Alums for their graduate programs, that says something.

When we decided to create a free virtual graduate school fair for our members to get them the most access and information available for impact careers – we were able to make the opportunity available only to schools that match the Segal Education Award. (You should sign-up here ).

At November’s BoardSource Conference, three Alums – including two members of our National Advisory Council – attended on scholarship and continued to advance our goal of encouraging nonprofit boards of directors to recruit more women and persons of color as members.

Alums leaders attend 2013 BoardSource Conference

Alums leaders attend 2013 BoardSource Conference

We each exit AmeriCorps just scratching the surface on our potential for impact and leadership. As Corps members, we tutored, provided emergency relief, and supported economic opportunity. Now we’re a network of Alums dedicated to ‘getting things done’, with more impact, influence, and reach than ever before. This is what drives AmeriCorps Alums. In 2013 AmeriCorps Alums has strengthened its network to 75 active chapters across the country, created University partnerships with over 30 schools, and developed a robust portfolio of professional development resources supporting over 10,000 alumni.

Never have I been more excited about the power of Alums as individuals in a networked community that will strengthen communities and our country.  That’s the power of AmeriCorps Alums.

In Service,


If you like what you’re seeing from AmeriCorps Alums, consider making a donation that supports our work, growth, & impact.

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