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What Alums Ameri-Love about AmeriCorps

February 14, 2013
We LOVE our AmeriCorps service!

We LOVE our AmeriCorps service!

Love is in the air with AmeriCorps Alums this upcoming Valentine’s Day! Whether you were able to find significant other who is dating you for your AmeriCorps experience or you are happily single serving all by yourself, we can all agree that what we LOVE the most is that we all have served our country through AmeriCorps!

With over 775,000 alumni of AmeriCorps having served over 1 billion hours, there are a whole host of reasons why we Ameri-Love our service year.  We asked Alums on Facebook and Twitter what they loved most about having served in AmeriCorps and here are some of the best reasons shared:

  • Meeting new people

Serving in AmeriCorps means that you had the chance to meet and work alongside a variety of corps members, nonprofits, and community organizations – all of which are active and making lasting impact across the country. Having had the chance to meet and work with such groups meant we were able to serve diverse populations and become exposed to more around us. All of these factors contributed to enriching service years.

Alumni of AmeriCorps continue to meet others and connect with fellow Alums through our local chapters. Find your local city’s chapter here or start your own!

  • Creating lifelong friends & mentors

Along with meeting and serving alongside new people, Alums LOVED that cultivating these relationships resulted in new lifelong best friends, mentors, etc. Through service, we were able to unite beyond our perceived differences and find commonalities in our life passions. Many still keep in touch with people and programs from their service year, and some even continue to stay connected through class and program reunions, years after their service.

  • Making a difference

AmeriCorps is service to America and our terms gave us the opportunity to make positive, lasting changes. Even though some of us didn’t initially see ourselves as “change makers”, AmeriCorps gave us the chance to make a big difference in the places we served. We loved that service continues to be part of our life after AmeriCorps and that it’s a lifestyle we happily model out to future generations.

  • Serving in new communities

For many Alums, AmeriCorps provided the chance to travel, live, and serve in communities across the country. It was an opportunity to see new parts of the country, while learning and serving the local populations. We LOVE the experiences gained through having served new places.

  • Discovering a new path

Finally, we love that AmeriCorps gave us the opportunity to try something new and along the way, we found ourselves. Whether it was discovering a new career trajectory or igniting your life’s passion, serving in AmeriCorps gave us the time and platform to really hone in on what mattered to us, while gaining the skills and experiences necessary to make a big difference in communities all across the country.

We LOVE AmeriCorps. Why do you? Share in the comments below!

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