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Launch Your Social Enterprise With Echoing Green

December 5, 2012

The 2013 Echoing Green Fellowship application is now open until January 7, 2013 for social entrepreneurs “with bold ideas looking for up to $90,000 in seed funding, strategic support, and a powerful community of 500+ other Fellows and Alumni over a 2 year fellowship.” This year, Echoing Green is also working hard to increase the applicant pool of U.S.-based Latino, African-American, and female social entrepreneurs as they see diversity of background and experiences to be key strengths in their community of entrepreneurs.

It is a fantastic opportunity that we want to see more AmeriCorps Alums applying for, as well as encouraging promising social entrepreneurs you may know to apply as well.

I had the opportunity to serve as a guest reviewer for the 2012 Echoing Green Fellowship.  It was an intense, rigorous vetting process – and I remember vividly sitting at my parents’ kitchen table late on a Friday night, trying to meet the reviewer deadline during an impromptu trip home to Buffalo, and being engrossed in the ideas I was evaluating.

Echoing Green provides a unique launch pad for early stage entrepreneurs – and one we want to see more AmeriCorps Alums take advantage of.  As far as I know, there was only one AmeriCorps alum that was a 2012 finalist – and I’d like to see that change in 2013.

At AmeriCorps Alums, we believe that alumni of national service are THE Pipeline for 21st Century Leaders in our country and that they are capable of leading our country’s corporations and nonprofits. It is because of our shared experience in service, that we gain a unique perspective on the issues facing communities as well as the motivation to harness innovation and resourcefulness to do something about it. For many of us, our service introduced us to diverse communities and the value of collaboration and impact. Echoing Green believes that as well and is looking for the next generation of social entrepreneurs to join their 2013 Fellowship.

I encourage Alums to apply for this unique fellowship opportunity, specifically women and Alums of color. With the alumni of AmeriCorps being 2/3rds women, and AmeriCorps programs engaging Latino and African American members at a greater percentages than the general public, we believe AmeriCorps alumni have the power to make impactful social changes that will move our country forward. AmeriCorps Alums joins Echoing Green in articulating the importance of the next generation of social entrepreneurs being more inclusively represented – and hope that a new wave of leaders, trained in service through AmeriCorps, is unleashed in the 21st century with the experiences, talent, and vision to be role models for future social entrepreneurs.

Could you use up to $90,000 to launch your innovative idea to change the world? Echoing Green unleashes next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems. Each year since 1991, the Echoing Green Fellowship selects promising social entrepreneurs with bold ideas and provides them with up to $90,000 in seed funding, strategic support, and a powerful community of 500+ other Fellows and Alumni over a 2 year fellowship. The first round online application is open now, through January 7, 2013. Learn more here.

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