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9/11 Day of Service: Resources for Alums

September 7, 2012

Will you serve on 9/11?

With the upcoming 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, AmeriCorps Alums would like to honor and remember those who were lost in the attacks and recovery of one of the most defining tragedies of our generation. In the moment of this tragedy, we saw Americans come together and rise in unity to serve each other in patriotism.

In the 11 years that followed, we have seen thousands of Alums answer the call to serve, from those who used their AmeriCorps skills to respond at Ground Zero or sign up for their first year of service because they knew they wanted to serve their country. As Alums, we don’t have to remind you to serve as you already know how important it is to leave a lasting positive impact. But what we do hope is that you’ll connect with your local fellow AmeriCorps Alums on 9/11 and serve your local community.

Whether you choose to engage with veterans like our Des Moines chapter or serve with a local nonprofit/ cause in your city like our St. Louis Chapter, we hope that you will honor our country through putting that “A” on your sleeve and remember to continue getting things done on 9/11 Day of Service.

Here are related links and resources to help you serve on 9/11 Day of Service:

How will you serve and remember 9/11?

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