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Advice for New Alums

July 23, 2012

With many AmeriCorps members ending their service this month, AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Alums reached out to Alumni on Facebook for the advice they’d offer this new batch of Alums.

Finishing your year of service is an exciting time with lots of possibilities ahead, but the uncertainties of your next career step or life chapter can be daunting. Alums have been there and are here to offer their wise words on how to succeed in your life after AmeriCorps.

Think of it almost like a non rhyming, service version of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

  1. Don’t let that passion for service die; Continue to find ways to serve after you year of service.
  2. Write down all the skills and trainings you received during your year of service and include them in your resume/LinkedIn profile. You worked hard during your service, so let future employers know!
  3. Share your AmeriCorps story with others so that they can learn from your passion for service.
  4. Write down the memories and stories from your service – guaranteed to bring back a smile when you look back on your AmeriCorps year.
  5. Join your local AmeriCorps Alums chapter to connect with others who have served and continue to serve in your city.
  6. Continue to build on the relationships you made during AmeriCorps and stay in touch with your teams and organizations that you worked with. You never know when you’ll get the chance to reconnect again!
  7. Always remember why you serve and take that passion into your future endeavors.
  8. Serve another term of service! Take what you learned the first time around and apply it to a new sector in need of your talents.
  9. Become a mentor for current AmeriCorps members. With opportunities to meet and greet with new members, like during VISTA PSO nights, take the time to share your story with incoming AmeriCorps Service members.
  10. Inspire others to serve by modeling a lifetime of service.

What advice would you give new Alums?

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