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Fight the Zero – Social Media Rally Recap

November 7, 2011

To say that we made noise on social media would be an understatement: We got LOUD! For Fight the Zero, more than 381 Alums and supporters got busy on our Facebook and Twitter, sending over 550 #FightTheZero tweets and 223 Facebook posts to on our page. We made sure our 8 designated representatives and networks could hear our stories and why we are fighting so hard to keep AmeriCorps alive for future generations.

Days leading up to Nov. 3rd, the outpouring of messages from Alums was incredible. It felt great seeing Alums from all age groups and background speak out about their service experiences and how AmeriCorps helped position them into positions of success. I was particularly moved by how many people still look upon fondly on their service experience; continue to live a lifetime of service, and care deeply about the opportunities for our current and future service members.

You all embody what it means to be alumni of any organization – speaking out to ensure the betterment of the next generations.

The strongest theme in all the messaging was the idea that AmeriCorps was a catalyst for change in our Alums’ lives and the communities they impacted. They credit the program for being the best decision they have made, thus far in life.

Check out some of the tweets shared:

Read some of the stories shared on FB:@RosaDelauro and I just spoke w/ @americorps alums re need to #SaveService. We should be creating #jobs, not eliminating them. #FightTheZero – @DorisMatsui

I will #fightthezero because my year in Americorps gave me passion for service and my current job. SAVE AMERICORPS! – @carobanano

@traveling_cat took a chance on me as a member & then@NDMVA as a director! I owe my prof career path to AC #FighttheZERO @americorpsalums – @lmehl10

A sincere thank u to @americorps members and@americorpsalums for continuing to get things done in America. I #appreciate u & ur service. @2KnowHim

Read the following FB posts:

I’ve grown in spirit and as person and my life has fundamentally and profoundly changed as a result of those experiences. We need to do everything we can to keep programs like this alive and thriving. – Andrew Epifane

AmeriCorps provides limitless opportunities for members and those that they serve. Please continue funding AmeriCorps for the good of our country’s future leaders. – Katherine Lauher

Save AmeriCorps. Save the experience of future Corps Members. Save the communities and individual American’s who will not receive crucial services without AmeriCorps. – Nick Schafer

To cut the annual 85,000 jobs provided by AmeriCorps would be sending our country in the wrong direction. We need to continue to fight for funding of programs that will allow people and their communities to develop and prosper. Fight the Zero doesn’t stop after Nov. 3rd.

Let’s continue to remind ourselves and others why we love to serve and why we were are fighting to keep AmeriCorps alive! Stay tuned for updates from @AmeriCorpsAlums on twitter.

Why are you fighting to save service?

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