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AmeriCorps Alums in Private Sector: FuseCorps

October 7, 2011

The FuseCorps Fellowship launched this month, with some serious buzz and excitement.  Big time influencers like Peter Sims (Author of LITTLE BETS) and Taproot Foundation‘s Aaron Hurst are among the notable advisors for this new venture.  FuseCorps distinguishes itself by proposing a new value proposition in the Fellowship space – they are seeking out individuals who have succeed in the private sector but are inspired to lead innovation for public good.

(from )

The mission of FuseCorps is to build a movement to solve the biggest challenges facing communities across America by enlisting the country’s most entrepreneurial leaders into public service.

We provide opportunities for entrepreneurial professionals to spend a year helping governors, mayors and community leaders across America drive meaningful social change.  We identify concrete projects in local communities that address a national priority (such as education, economic development or health care).  We then recruit and deploy highly-skilled and passionate professionals to help develop and implement innovative and lasting solutions.

Fuse Corps Fellows demonstrate how the combined ingenuity and collaboration of the public and private sectors can improve our communities. This exciting fellowship is particularly targeting individuals who are succeeding in the private sector but feel a tug towards innovation and social change.

If you’re not convinced, here’s two more reasons to consider FuseCorps:

1) It’s founded and led by an AmeriCorps Alum!  Jennifer Anastasoff, an AmeriCorps Alum from Teach for America in Houston, is the co-founder and founding CEO of FuseCorps.  Again demonstrating the leadership pipeline that AmeriCorps cultivates, Jennifer has cultivated an impressive resume since #TFA – propelling her to this new social entrepreneurship endeavor.

2)It might have the most brilliant application around.  Meant to be completed in one sitting, notable questions include:

Write a short email to a community leader describing a problem in your community and how you propose to solve it. Describe the problem, the issues it raises, what evidence you have to support your ideas, and why you think it should to be supported.

If you were to “tweet” who you are, what would you write? Use the space here (a “tweet” is limited to 140 characters). Focus on your unique values and strengths.

SO……to all the AmeriCorps Alums out there — we want one (or two or ten) of you to become a FuseCorps Fellow!  It’s not an opportunity for just anyone, but if you’ve taken a turn into the private sector since your AmeriCorps year, and after 6-10+ years are ready to veer back into a role focused on social innovation and change, this might be perfect for you.

Here’s a chance to scratch that itch from your AmeriCorps days – become a FuseCorps Fellow and help cities like New Orleans and Sacramento address 21st century challenges in exciting new ways.

Apply Today at

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