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What are you doing for lunch next Wednesday? AmeriCorps Alums needs your help to Save Service.

August 4, 2011

Ben Duda is the Executive Director of AmeriCorps Alums, and served 2 terms with AmeriCorps*NCCC, and one term with Citizen Schools.

Are you busy for lunch next Wednesday?   Seriously.  I wish I could say I was buying,

but what’s at stake is worth more than a half sandwich and side salad.  The debt ceiling debate has created a new dynamic in Washington.  The compromise reached over the weekend calls for $917 billion in cuts over the next 10 years, and a 12-member bipartisan committee could identify up to another $1.5 trillion in cuts.  It is clear that everything is on the table, and that anything could be cut.

It cannot be overstated how real the threat is to the AmeriCorps program where you served, and to all federally-funded national and community services programs.

AmeriCorps Alums is supporting the Save Service Coalition efforts to make sure that lawmakers understand what would be at stake in local communities if AmeriCorps programs were cut or slashed. The unfortunate fact is that too many in Washington don’t see the connection between funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service, and what happens on the ground in their district: the local programs that make change in their schools, impact affordable housing opportunities, serve local voters, support disaster relief and recovery, and provide opportunities for young people in their district to give back through service.

And I think that’s where we come in.

You, like me, are a graduate of AmeriCorps.  We answered our country’s call to service, whether because of September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, or a sense of altruism we acquired from our parents, our faith, or our community.

Help Save Service on August 10th, 2011

Washington needs to hear what our AmeriCorps experience means to us, how it informs our career choices, makes us better citizens, gives us skills and experiences that lead to employment. At a time when political parties can’t work together, communities are polarized, talking-heads bemoan the isolating effects of technology – AmeriCorps has given us a unique perspective of people and communities outside our comfort zone.  It challenged our assumptions and changed the way we see the world.  That’s going to continue to pay positive dividends for the country as our generation ascends to leadership positions across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

I’m asking you to go to today and sign up to be a part of District Day on August 10.   When you register, you’ll see if there is a planned event you can join.  If a meeting has NOT been scheduled, you can still sign-up for a drop-by visit at  the congressperson’s office at 12:00PM on August 10th.  The website has all the tools, resources and downloads you’ll need.  But what it doesn’t have is your story, and that’s why you’re needed.

We are AmeriCorps Alums and we took the pledge to “get things done for our country.”  After our 1700 hours of service, we’re still getting things done for America: we’re climbing corporate, higher-ed and nonprofit ladders, starting companies, planting urban gardens, or teaching young people.  We’re using what we learned in AmeriCorps to make our country a better place.  Now is not the time to turn our backs on our neighbors and deny a generation the opportunity to give back to others through national service.

Please dedicate your lunch hour to Save Service on August 10th

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  1. Donald Ellerbe LCDC permalink
    August 5, 2011 10:57 am

    Hello Family !!!!!

    I am proud to say that I am an Alumni. I am also a recovered addict, THANKS to Americorps… In April of 1999- I had been to my 5th treatment center. Each time I got out I had the same job skill & plans as I did when I went in. While in a Sober-house, a recruiter offered me the chance to be a teacher, I told him “I can’t hardly spell TEACHER”…lol… He took my hand & said, let “US” show you how to become one. I took the challenge & realized that I do have worth & value. During that time I was also shown how to start a Mentoring program I called ‘BRUISED APPLES”, We tutored GED classes & I went on to open 5 Sober-houses of my own. I also when back to school & today, I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, (LCDC) & have been for 11 years.


    Professionally yours;

    Donald C. Ellerbe LCDC

    PS– With AMERICORPS & through SERVICE WORK we can continue help this lacking economy, put people to work & change lives.

    PSS–Ask me how?


  1. Your VOICE Helped to Save AmeriCorps « A Lifetime Of Service

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