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AmeriCorps Week 2011: From the Frontlines – Tuesday

May 17, 2011

 By Jeremy Exell, AmeriCorps Alums

AmeriCorps Week is a time to highlight national service and several Governors have recognized that AmeriCorps National Service is a non-partisan issue. Governors Snyder (R-Mich), Quinn (D-Illinois), Brewer (R-Arizona), Branstad (R-Iowa), and Sandoval (R-Nevada) have all issued proclamations so far this week recognizing AmeriCorps Week. Thank you Governors for your support! 


Nations Cities Weekly, the leading newspaper of Mayors and City Councils, also featured the role of AmeriCorps Alums during AmeriCorps Week, with great quotes from Mayors Slay and Nutter, of St. Louis and Philadelphia respectively, as well as the AmeriCorps Alums Chapter leadership in both cities! You can read it here.

Alums and volunteers with Sen. Blumenthal

CNCS has also recognized the important contributions of AmeriCorps Alums. Their national press release for AmeriCorps Week includes: “Many of the projects are being organized by AmeriCorps Alums, which has chapters in more than 25 cities organizing events and thousands of alumni participating across the country. ‘AmeriCorps Alums believes strongly in the immeasurable impact that national service has on an individual, and is proud to join CNCS in celebrating AmeriCorps Week. The more than 700,000 AmeriCorps members and alums in this country represent a critical pipeline of future civic leaders that are equipped to tackle the issues facing 21st century America’, stated Executive Director of AmeriCorps Alums Ben Duda.”

Alums and volunteers with Rep. Abdul-Samad

Alums and current members in both Iowa and Connecticut have been doing a great job this week with a successful service project, visits from US Sen. Blumenthal in Connecticut and State Rep Abdul-Samad in Iowa, and engaging local media. Alex Drzycimski, a VISTA in Des Moines, wrote a letter to his local paper, the Messenger News of North Central Iowa. Alex urges support for VISTA saying, “In the context of current economic troubles, I feel that AmeriCorps is pragmatic solution. With high unemployment numbers, AmeriCorps provides jobs not only for the people in the program, but the hope is that it extends to already struggling citizens as well… I would ask anyone to support the extension of AmeriCorps or consider joining as a way to serve the country.”

There’s still time to get involved, here’s two easy ways:

Visit and join 1 of the over 300 registered projects listed.

Showcase your writing skills like Alex in Iowa and write an op-ed to your local paper expressing your support for AmeriCorps. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to engage your elected officials in 140 words by asking: “@(officials name) please support #AmeriCorps & post “Proud to support @AmeriCorpsWeek and the impact made in communities across America”

For more information be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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