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Supporting International Service

October 18, 2010

I’ve personally spoken to many AmeriCorps members who are interested in continuing their lifetime of service abroad… in fact AmeriCorps alums go on to serve with Peace Corps and in turn, there are a number of AmeriCorps members who are Return Peace Corps Volunteers. Bottom line, service is service and ANYONE can do it ANYWHERE.

That’s why we at AmeriCorps Alums like ServiceWorld. They have an innovative agenda for expanding international service. They propose to reform, strengthen and leverage existing programs and infrastructure, and launch new initiatives to create more opportunities for Americans to work alongside volunteers from other countries.

Our agenda will contribute to the development of a new generation of global leaders, provide skills for people of all backgrounds to compete in a global economy, increase international awareness, and strengthen international development. – ServiceWorld

So, are you interested yet? Want to support international service? Then sign the Declaration!

The ServiceWorld International Service Declaration commemorates the original petition circulated by the University of Michigan students 50 years ago that inspired the creation of the Peace Corps.  The Declaration celebrates the future of international volunteer service and calls to accomplish President Kennedy’s original vision to send 100,000 volunteers abroad annually.

I signed, did you?

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