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Nominate an Alum for the 2010 Eli Segal Award

July 12, 2010

AmeriCorps Alums 5th Annual Eli Segal Entrepreneurship Award

Eli Segal served as the first CEO of the Corporation for National Service and under his leadership AmeriCorps was born. Eli Segal loved to get things done. His unique combination of optimism, vision and practicality resulted in ambitious and creative programs that have made a real difference in our country.

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Eli’s passion for citizen engagement has been brought to life in communities across the country every day in the youthful energy and talent of more than 600,000 young people who have served in AmeriCorps. Through Mr. Segal’s, vision, perseverance, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, National Service has become deeply embedded within our culture.

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Eli Segal started the AmeriCorps Alums Entrepreneurship Award during his life to recognize alumni with similar promise. To honor Eli’s life and to build upon his legacy, AmeriCorps Alums awards one alumnus each year who has demonstrated an outstanding entrepreneurial commitment to service beyond their term with AmeriCorps.  Along with recognition among peers, in the media and our online networks, the award entails a valuable prize cash prize of $5,000 and in-person recognition at an award ceremony.

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