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Save AmeriCorps in Nevada

July 14, 2009

Nevada’s excellent and critically needed national service AmeriCorps programs are in jeopardy. Services provided by AmeriCorps members are at risk. Right now, nearly 200 AmeriCorps members are serving at 52 nonprofits and organizations throughout the Silver State. Nevada’s AmeriCorps members:

  • Provide outreach to the homeless to reintegrate and achieve stability
  • Remove forest fire fuel hazards and promote environmental safety
  • Support local food banks, preserve wilderness areas, provide after-school programs and summer camps for children
  • Work with at-risk youth through tutoring and mentoring, and support legal services for low-income families
  • Earn over $400,000 per year in higher education awards

This is a plea to our friends to help us save AmeriCorps in Nevada. The goal is already down to just $26,750 . This is how much we need to keep the doors open through 2009. Skip your lattes this week and give $10 – or whatever you can – to help keep AmeriCorps alive in the Silver State.

You can help make this happen by emailing, twittering, sending this page to everyone on your email list, Facebook and MySpace pages asking them to join the effort to save AmeriCorps in Nevada!

You can make a secure donation now OR contribute directory to Nevada Volunteers, 639 Isbell, Suite 220, Reno, NV 89509.
For every $1 received Nevada communities get a $19 return in services provided by AmeriCorps members and other volunteers they recruit and work with.

A little more about Nevada Volunteers and this campaign…

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